We are proud to introduce to our readers; THE BUSINESS HUB this week. In this maiden edition, we feature the COMPANY OF THE WEEK, bringing you full profile/activities of DIGITAL GAMING SYSTEMS LIMITED, a privately owned company setting up and running DELTA STATE LOTTERY, in a public/private partnership with Delta State Government. The lottery is set to commence operation on 27th October, 2017.

Some high tech machines on display

In this exclusive interview with the Managing Director/CEO, Chief Kenneth Iwelumo and the COO, Mr. Ena Ofugara both of Digital Gaming Systems Limited, we bring you detailed information on this innovative and promising venture.
Right: Managing Director/CEO, Chief Kenneth Iwelumo and the COO, Mr. Ena Ofugara

Tell us about Digital Gaming System?
Digital Gaming Systems Limited is a private company. The company was established to set up and run Delta State Lottery. Delta State has no equity in the company. As a company, we offer fun and entertainment to the masses through games while generating funds for the state government.
Right: Mr. Andrew Okowa, Head, Marketing and Media Dept., with Mr. Osanebi Okuchukwu, Sales Manager.

As a privately owned company, what is your relationship with the Delta State Government?
Currently, the government is challenged in raising funds to meet up her obligations. So, we have set out to assist the state government in raising her internally generated revenue [IGR] without increment in taxes we have been licensed to operate as Delta State lottery, and in return, we are to pay20 percent of our revenues to the state government, which would be used for social good across the state.
Lotteries are popular around the world. Governments, both at state and national levels use lottery to raise revenues. There are many private lottery companies around the world. This is the first state licensed gaming company to operate within Delta State.
A staff operating the Delta Lucky 3 Machine

When would you commence operations?
We are set to commence operations in Delta State on October 27, 2017.

Please, tell us about your games?
We have two exciting games, the first is the Delta Jackpot, which is played by picking 6 numbers from 1 – 49, and if the 6 selected numbers match the draw results, then the lucky numbers will win the Jackpot. There are also consolation prizes for players that predict 5, 4 and 3 numbers correctly.
The second game is the Delta Lucky 3, where players can win up to N40, 000 each day with just N100. It involves picking 3 numbers from 0-9. Delta Lucky 3 has 6 bet types. These are straight bet, 3-way mix, 6-way mix, front pair, back pair and split pair. Winning depends on the game played and how the selected numbers match the draw results.
We are definitely bringing excitement and entertainment to the people of Delta State.

Who is eligible to play the game?
People eligible to play the game are those from age 18 and above. Anyone who is interested in being entertained and those who are interested in the development of Delta State are eligible to play the game. It is open to everyone residing in Delta State, whether they are from Delta State or not.

How can one participate?
We have agents who have been deployed across all local governments in the state, so all you need to do is identify the agent in your local government, walk up to them, make your payment and choose your number. A ticket which contains your numbers is issued out on making payment, and the ticket should be kept until the draw, so that it can be used to check if it tallies with the draw results.

How can people in Ika North and Ika South local governments locate your agents?
We have agents assigned to both local governments. Once we launch, people can easily buy their tickets from those agents.

What is the lottery about?
Lottery is a game people play for entertainment and money making through winnings.Delta State Lottery will give people the chance to win decent amounts of money that can change their lives, it will help to create jobs for the people of Delta State; it will enhance wealth creation and provide revenue for the State Government to carry out social goods.

What is your current work force?
Presently, we have thirty-five staff in our Head Office and over time, we will launch out to other states.

Where is your Head Office located?
Our head office is located at No10, DBS Road Asaba, after Orchid Hotel, across former Deputy Governors Office, Asaba, Delta State.

How can one contact you?
We can be contacted through our help line on 08144244234

What type of facilities do you operate with?
This is a software – driven business and we are using state of the art high tech machines. With our machines, our super agents can tell how much tickets are being sold by the sub – agents, we can tell who wins after a draw is done. Most lottery companies in Nigeria still use the Ghana Lottery draw, but we make use of our own draws.

Are there any misconceptions about Lottery?
People mistake Lottery for gambling, but we do not gamble. This is a game of chance. It does not involve calculating numbers. It is simply a game of picking numbers, paying for tickets and hoping for your number to be drawn, so that you can be a winner. In this gaming system, you will not find someone buy a ticket of over Ten Thousand Naira, as is the case in gambling or casinos. Here (Digital Gaming Systems), it is a leisure game for people who have discretional income. One does not lose sleep over One Hundred Naira spent in buying ticket or get addicted to it, in a game that can change lives for better. If lottery is a form of gambling, then the entire fifty states in the United States would not promote it, not only do States in the US have their own lotteries, they also team up with others to have mega prizes. For example, recently, a woman in Eleanor won Seven Hundred and Thirty Million Dollars in two months.Same thing will happen here in Delta State. Winning large tickets will change people’s lives for better, which is why lotteries are popular. It is seen as a source of revenue in other countries.
Digital Gaming Systems Limited and Delta State Government are in a Private Public Partnership (PPP), and the people of Delta state will directly benefit from the partnership.

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